There are several options when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. A lot depends on your budget and decorating needs. We take a look at a variety of choices for you kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are the center of your decor in the kitchen. Because of their size and height, they are the dominant visual focal point. They are also the first thing many people want to change. It may be that they are just old, or you have moved into a new home, or you simply are ready for a change. So a decision about the cabinets is usually the starting point for a kitchen remodeling Depending in the budget and degree of change you want, there are really three basic approaches you can take.

Replace Your Cabinets

When making big changes in the kitchen like, you may find the only real choice your have is to completely replace the cabinets. You also may find that old cabinets have started to sag under the weight of a large load, like your antique china. In this case the shelves may not be worth saving, so an upgrade is in order.

There are a couple of different ways you can take in going about replacing your cabinets. Probably the most attractive overall is to go with a fully custom installation. These cabinets are built onto a single base unit, and so they have no visible seams. If you are wanting to do the installation yourself, a great alternative is buying modular units. These can look almost as good as the fully custom units, and are sized in increments so that they are flexible enough to be used in a variety of spaces. Since they are modular they can be much more easily handles. And they can also be purchased as ready to assemble (or RTA) units, which is a little more work to assemble, but much easier to transport and move. You can find either of these in a wide range of woods and finishes, so there is sure to be something for your home.

Reface Your Cabinets

If your current cabinets are in good shape, they have enough space and shelving for your home, and haven’t suffered structurally from age or loading, then you may be looking for something that is just more cosmetic. The quickest and most cost effective way to get a big change in look with a lot less effort is to reface your kitchen cabinets. This involves replacing the doors and hardware, but leaving the main structure of the cabinets in place.

Here again you get a wide range of choices when it comes to the types of wood and the stains and finished available. Couple that with new handles, knobs, pulls, and hinges, and you can achieve a dramatic overhaul of your kitchen with a lot less work and inconvenience. Refacing is one of the more popular options for this reason.

Paint Your Cabinets

By far the quickest and cheapest way to get a new look in your kitchen achieved by painting your kitchen cabinets. If you are careful, sometimes this can often be accomplished without the bother of unloading your cabinets. Another advantage is that is doesn’t have to be done all at one time, so you can set aside the time to do only part of the job, and come back to it again later. For cost and simplicity, repainting your cabinets is a great choice.